Feds: Indianapolis man used Facebook to get teen sex

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A 23-year-old Indianapolis man is charged with preying on teenage girls, even tricking them to send explicit photos or have sex.

Investigators say he did it using a smart phone. The suspect also used what the feds call "sextortion" to intimidate young victims.

Investigators describe a year-long pattern that victimized and humiliated at least ten teenage girls who got caught in his web.

It is yet another story about how young girls ranging in age from 14 to 17 became entangled in a web of deceit that originated online.

United States Attorney Joe Hogsett held up a cell phone at an afternoon news conference while he made this comment: "This is the only tool Mr. Williams had at his disposal and is the only tool that he needed."

Williams is accused of using his cell phone to impersonate a young woman using fake Facebook accounts.

Katie Jackson is the Deputy Prosecutor in Marion County who was involved in the investigation.

"In most cases he would submit pictures for them and then simply ask them to send him pictures as well," she said.

Once they submitted the pictures the threats began.

Steven DeBroda is Assistant US Attorney.

"They would beg this man to stop and not post their pictures and we allege he did it anyway. So this is a situation of girls down to the age of 15 dealing with something well beyond what a 14-year-old is equipped to deal with or should have to deal with," said DeBroda.

One of the victims, according to the 39-page complaint, would resort to trying to take her own life.

Jackson made this observation: "While it can be a great tool for networking and connection it can also be a very scary weapon for predators."

It all unraveled for Williams when he arranged a meeting claiming to be a brother of the girl one 15-year-old had been communicating with.

"It is alleged Mr Williams followed a 15-year-old girl home after an arranged meeting and proceeded to rape her outside her home," said Hogsett.

The rape complaint led to Williams' arrest and the crime scene he carried with him. Assistant US Attorney DeBroda elaborated on that point.

"Essentially he was carrying the crime scene; the cell phone he was using to communicate with these victims," said DeBroda.

It would lead a 14-count criminal complaint of a year long pattern of sextortion against ten local girls ranging from 14 to 17 years of age.

Williams' charges include distribution of child pornography and coercing local minors into sexually explicit conduct. Each charge carries a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of thirty.

Court records don't list an attorney for Williams.