Feds arrest 22 in 'Haughville Syndicate'


Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Drug task force officers arrested nearly two dozen people connected to a longtime west side drug ring. Among those taken to jail were a Marion County special deputy and the roommate of a metro police officer.

Only Channel 13 Cameras were there as officers went after members of the Haughville Syndicate suspected of cocaine and crack-cocaine trafficking. The arrests were the result of a nine-month investigation.

A 300-man drug task force team began Tuesday morning by serving arrest and search warrants and confiscating money, drugs and guns to bring down a huge west side drug ring known as the Haughville Syndicate.

"We hope that Haughville Syndicate will be no more," said Susan Brooks, Indiana US attorney.

The task force searched for suspects at 38 locations. One of them was the home of Marion County Special Deputy Darrell Greer, who was arrested for possessing drug paraphernalia. Eyewitness News also learned that another man taken into custody is the roommate of a Metro police officer.

"Cleary it's disappointing to have anybody involved in law enforcement become involved on the other side of the law," said Michael Spears, Indianapolis Metro Police chief.

The task force name 27-year-old Roy Lampkin as leader of the Haughville Syndicate. He's one of nearly two dozen people taken into custody. Officers seized approximately $67,000 cash along with 70 weapons, including a machine gun, an Uzi, assault rifles, a Cobray 9 millimeter rifle, and several thousand rounds of ammunition. Police also found drug paraphernalia and small amounts of drugs at the various search sites.

"You see the number of guns that Ms. Brooks talked about today and that's fairly significant and it shows that they were armed and they were drug traffickers," said Brandt Schenken, ATF.

Drug task force officers expect even more arrests.

Meantime, Eyewitness News talked to the police officer whose roommate was taken into custody. The officer says he's done nothing wrong. Deputy Daniel Greer is in trouble for allegedly having a small amount of marijuana.

The suspected leader of the Haughville Syndicate, Roy Lampkin, surrendered in Atlanta, Georgia Tuesday.

From the US attorney's press release:

The following individuals have been charged in federal indictments:

Indictment #1:

ROY LAMPKIN, a/k/a "Baby Boy", a/k/a "Unc", 27, Indianapolis (in custody)
TERRELL TURNLEY, a/k/a "Talls", 30, Indianapolis (previously in state custody)
JAMAEL CARTER, a/k/a "Gar", 25, Indianapolis (in custody)
ANTONIO HARDIN, a/k/a "Loc", 29, Indianapolis (in custody)
ANTWAN SHACKELFORD, a/k/a "Shack", 27, Indianapolis (in custody)
SHERIDAN SISK, a/k/a "Bossy", 25, Indianapolis (in custody)
WILLIE STOTT, a/k/a "Meat", 27, Indianapolis (in custody)
JARVIS WATSON, a/k/a "Jarhead", a/k/a "Bo", 21, Indianapolis
JAMARR GAINES, a/k/a "Omar", 26, Indianapolis

The first indictment alleges that Lampkin is the leader of the Haughville Syndicate and dealt cocaine and crack. It says Turnley, Stott, Carter and Hardin acted as Lampkin's 'lieutenants' who allegedly provided guidance on distributing and pricing the cocaine. Shackelford and Watson are accused of assisting Lampkin by relaying messages from him to his 'lieutenants,' delivering cocaine and collecting and forwarding the money to Lampkin. Sisk is accused of storing, transporting and selling cocaine.

Turnley, Stott, Carter and Hardin are accused of distributing anywhere from an eighth of an ounce of cocaine to nine ounces, with prices from $100 to $6,500.

Gaines is accused as a 'mid-level' distributor of the cocaine.

When police arrested Turnely on July 19, they found 270 grams of crack cocaine in his pants pocket. Whe police raided his house later that day, they found firearms, two digital scales and $3,200. When they searched his cars, they found secret compartments. One of them contained $78,900.00 and approximately 1040 grams of cocaine.

Indictment #2:

EARL ALLEN, a/k/a "E", 32, Indianapolis (in custody)
DAVID LEE HARRINGTON, 30, Indianapolis
LARRY WILLIAMS, a/k/a ""Elbow", 28, Indianapolis
MARIO ADAMS, a/k/a "Bubba", 26, Indianapolis
DEMARCUS GARNER, a/k/a "CoCo", 29, Indianapolis (previously in state custody)
JERMAINE JOHNSON, a/k/a "Main", 24 (in custody)
DEWON WILSON, a/k/a "Cortez", 31, Indianapolis
ERIC GARNER, a/k/a "Mackbone", 31, Indianapolis (previously in state custody)
GARY McMILLER, 40, Indianapolis
JONATHAN FURR, a/k/a "Elo", 26, Indianapolis
CHRISTOPHER SMITH, a/k/a "Cool Breeze", 23, Indianapolis (previously in state custody)
DAWAN CALHOUN, a/k/a "Valdez", 28, Indianapolis

Harrington, Allen, Calhoun, Williams, Adams, Demarcus Garner, Johnson, Wilson and Eric Garener are accused of associating with Lampkin's lieuteants. They are called 'mid-level' distributors of cocaine for the syndicate. Police say they distributed the cocaine primarily in the Indianapolis metro area but also sold cocaine to customers from Bloomington and Lafayette, Indiana and the counties surrounding Marion County.

McMiller, Furr and Smith are accused of acting as an alternate source of supply of cocaine for the mid-level distributors in the conspiracy.

The following individuals were charged with state drug offenses:

JASON ABSTON, a/k/a "Jay, 35 (in custody)
ALEXANDER CASH, a/k/a "Credit", 45 (previously in state custody)
WILMER COLE, 36 (in custody)
NATHANIEL HARDIN, a/k/a "Black", a/k/a "Tan", 26
BRANDON HAYES, a/k/a "B", 24
TOSHAWN HINTON, a/k/a "Sin", 20
ANTJUAN JEFFERSON, a/k/a "Twan", 23
STEVEN LEWIS, a/k/a "Rat Boy", 29 (in custody)
COURTNEY LONG, a/k/a Jamal", 21 (in custody)
DEANDRE MAJOR, a/k/a "Fat-Life", 24 (previously in state custody)
ANTHONY MASON, a/k/a "Ant", 30
LONTRELL MILLIGAN, a/k/a Milk Man" 23 (in custody)
JOSEPH MODESITT, a/k/a "White Boy Joe", 21
KEENAN ROLLERSON, a/k/a "Bird", 19 (previously in state custody)
JAMES SUBLETT, a/k/a "Jizzle", 27 (in custody)
RIONDAL TAYLOR, a/k/a "Ron", 26 (in custody)
ANTWAN WATKINS, a/k/a "Twan", 27
CAMERON WILLIAMS, a/k/a "Killer", 19
DESMOND WILLIAMS, a/k/a "Tink", 26

These charges follow investigations by the, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and the Marion County Prosecutor's Office. The federal indictments are being prosecuted by Assistant U. S. Attorney Josh Minkler. All federal defendants will be appearing before a U.S. Magistrate Judge for an initial appearance. All federal defendants face a possible sentence of ten years to life imprisonment, a $4 million dollar fine, and not less than five years supervised release.

The indictments are an allegation only, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at trial or by guilty plea.

(Information from press release)