FedEx to hire 20,000 workers


INDIANAPOLIS - Looking for a job? FedEx is hiring thousands of seasonal workers nationwide.

FedEx hires seasonal workers every year, but this year the shipping giant is hiring 18% more than last year: a total of 20,000 nationwide.

That's because they expect holiday shopping to be up, specifically online sales to be up nearly 5 percent. The boost in retail numbers means a projected boost in the number of packages FedEx will deliver.

The busiest day of the year is on December 12, just 7 weeks from now, when an estimated 17 million packages criss-cross the nation.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, FedEx expects more than 260 million shipments, a 12% increase from 2010.

The jobs include everything from package handlers who make about $10 an hour to temporary drivers earning just over $13 an hour. There are also temporary administrative assistant jobs and other positions available.

FedEx is the world's second largest shipping company. UPS is the largest, they also expect an increase in the number of temporary workers they hire this holiday season.

Here are links if you want to apply:  FedEx  UPS