FBI says Bisard case not sent to DoJ yet

The FBI has been investigating the case.

Indianapolis - The FBI report investigating the handling of the IMPD Officer David Bisard case has been sent to the Department of Justice. That's according to FOP President Bill Owensby.

However, on Friday, the FBI's Drew Northern told Eyewitness News the FBI's report of IMPD and the Bisard investigation has not been forwarded.

The internal investigation by IMPD is also done and has been given to Public Safety Director Frank Straub. The internal report was conducted by two IMPD Detectives. Owensby doesn't expect Dr. Straub to release those findings until mid-November.

On August 6th, Officer Bisard was on an emergency run when he struck three motorcyclists. Eric Wells died and two others, Kurt Weekly and Mary Mills, had life-altering injuries.

A test determined that Bisard was over twice the legal limit for blood alcohol at the time of the crash, but DUI-related charges were dropped over a technicality. He still faces felony charges in connection with the crash.

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