FBI continues investigation into Waldron man's massive artifact collection

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is back on the scene Thursday at a Rush County farm combing through thousands of antiquities. Some 100 agents alongside archaeologists and anthropologists are trying to figure out what everything is and if a crime occurred. 

The kind of collection you'd see at a museum is how archaeologists have described what investigators have found here in this rural community of Waldron - artifacts and relics spanning the globe.

It's a collection that brought a swarm of FBI agents and police to the home of 91-year-old Donald Miller, much to the surprise of his neighbors.

"He's just an ordinary guy. He just loves collecting things. His house looks like something you've never been in. It's just beautiful," said Pat Montgomery.

Montgomery and customers of her restaurant in Waldron say Miller made no secret of artifacts collected during decades of trips across the United States and around the world. School children made field trips to his home.

Montgomery says she didn't know if anyone ever asked Miller where he got the artifacts.


"Someone might have, but I didn't really care. I just enjoyed looking at it. You had so much to see you walked and walked and walked," she said.

Investigators say the collection is one he's been working on most of his life, and he may or may not have acquired them properly. Miller is cooperating with the investigation which could take weeks.

"He has been very cooperative at this point. And I think the goal here again is to identify those items, see if they belong elsewhere and we're going to work very closely with him to make that happen," said Special Agent Paul Bresson, FBI.

Over the next few weeks, experts will categorize each item and try to determine where it came from and where it belongs. They say they will do all they can to maintain the integrity of those items.

While they couldn't put a dollar figure on the collection, they say the cultural value is 'immeasurable'.

It's unclear whether or not Miller will face any charges.