Father wants answers in daughter's disappearance

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For David Armstrong, the new year brings bittersweet hope that a chapter of his two year nightmare will conclude.

"It still goes on, just goes on and on the agony of not knowing, not having the answers," said Armstrong.

It all began in August of 2011. That's when his daughter, 27 year old Kelly Armstrong, a mother of four, went missing from her Kokomo home. Several months later, she was assumed dead.

Now all David wants is to be able to give her a proper burial and a headstone.

"I've come to grips that I will never see her again, but I need to be able to go visit her and go talk to her," he said.

Armstrong is hoping a $5,000 reward will bring answers.

"Just tell me where she's at they don't have to tell me who they are. I'll keep it all confidential. They just need to tell me where I can go look and find my daughters remains," said Armstrong.

In 2011, Armstrong's live-in boyfriend Travis Funke was taken into custody on an unrelated charge but denied any involvement in her disappearance.

According to court documents, he later changed his story telling police he woke up to find Armstrong dead and faintly recalled hitting her with a hammer. He went on to say he disposed of her body in a trash can. Despite several searches at area landfills, her body has not been recovered.

"That's the hardest part not knowing where she's at or what he did with her," said David Armstrong.

After a plea deal with a voluntary manslaughter fell through and the confession withdrawn, Funke was charged with murder.

"Everybody knows he did it. He just needs to quit being a coward and tell us where she's at so we can put her in her final resting place," said Armstrong.

No parent ever wants to bury a child but for David Armstrong, the harsh reality is, that is the only thing that can bring any closure to the darkest time in his life.

Funke's murder trial is expected to begin in Howard County later this month. If anyone has information for the Armstrong family, call (574) 398-8035.