Father says fatal fire was caused by twin boys playing with lighter

Layla Abbott with her sons who died in the fire.
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Twin brothers who died in a house fire in Tippecanoe County will be laid to rest Saturday.

No one has been charged in relation to the fire, but the boy's father is speaking out on Facebook.

Brandon Abbott lost his three-year-old twin boys last weekend when their home near Lafayette went up in flames. Despite investigators looking at this as an accidental electrical issue, Abbott says it is anything but.

Landon and Liam didn't make it out of the burning home last Saturday. They were with their father at the time. He's now taken to social media to explain what happened the morning the boys died.

Brandon Abbott says he awoke to the smoke detectors and saw the couch the boys had been sleeping on was burning like a Christmas tree. He says he tried to find his twins until the smoke got so bad he couldn't see and ran out of the home, telling his cousin to call 911.

Abbott says he then ran back in until his face was "cooked," came out and when he heard them scream, drove through the garage, but couldn't get in the house.

As for why he didn't grab the twins when he saw the fire, Brandon writes, "They hid from me. That's why I couldn't find them. If I had a cheap fire extinguisher, they would be here today."

Brandon Abbott blames himself for their deaths, and the fire on the twins.

"It was NOT electrical. My twins started it. It was a terrible and totally avoidable accident. Don't leave any lighters, matches or propane torches low enough for kids to find. I was unorganized and a bad housekeeper. That's how it was my fault," he wrote.

Layla Abbott, the boys' mother, told Eyewitness News in an interview Thursday she had a bad feeling when Brandon took the boys last Friday.

"I knew they weren't safe with him. I knew something bad was going to happen," she said.

Brandon wrote on Facebook, "When I was with Layla she told everyone I was the best dad in the world. I am the same dad now just broken hearted."

Layla is now wondering what if she had just kept the boys that night.

"I told 'em bye and I loved them and I went in for my extra kiss," she said. "They both gave me a little kissie face and gave me my kiss and that was the last time I saw them."

According to court records, Brandon Abbott has a lengthy criminal history with felony convictions for burglary and possession of marijuana, along with arrests for domestic violence and marijuana offenses.

Although investigators haven't said if they think the fire is suspicious, court records show police got search warrants after finding guns, ammunition and drug paraphernalia inside Abbott's home while looking for the cause of the fire.