Father learns speeds reached 92 mph in fatal wreck


It sits in an Anderson tow yard: he car in which John Keefe's daughter and granddaughter survived and his son-in-law died.

"She said, 'Dad, after it happened, Jesse's head was laying on my shoulder or on my chest looking up at me and my broken arm was around him and he breathed his last," said Keefe of the devastating crash Sunday morning on State Road 32 in Madison County.

Jesse Sperry died of brain and other internal injuries after an SUV driven by off-duty Edgewood Police officer James Foutch slammed into the Sperry's car.  Prosecutors say Foutch was driving 92 mph and never hit the brakes.

"Wow, I mean, I drive that road all the time and anybody doing 92, wow, that's really chancy," said Rebecca's father John Keefe.

Rebecca saw it unfold in her rearview mirror. In court papers she said, "Oh my gosh, look at that guy. I think he's going to hit us."

Those were some of Rebecca's last words to her husband Jesse. Her unborn baby survived the crash. The couple's daughter, Autumn Marie, was delivered later at the hospital.

"How would you come on to someone, hit their vehicle, without any reaction yourself? It's troubling, very troubling," said Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings

The prosecutor believes Foutch was under the influence of his prescription for hydrocodone, a painkiller that can cause drowsiness.

In court papers, Foutch admits taking that pill plus his girlfriend's Xanax hours before the accident.

"You simply cannot be behind the wheel of an automobile. This is the catastrophic result of that," said the prosecutor.

Rebecca's old bedroom is now becoming a baby's room for Rebecca's child - born the day her father died.

"Just simply amazing," said John Keefe. Rebecca suffered a cut uterus in the accident. The surgeon told them if the cut was any bigger, "The baby would've been ejected and died at the scene," says Keefe.

Now Autumn is the family's miracle - as they also grieve for Jesse, who will never know his little girl.

The family started an online fundraiser to raise money to pay for funeral and medical expenses. Click here for info.