Father concerned about gangs after son attacked in Indianapolis park

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A concerned father is speaking out about violence in a neighborhood park after suspected gang members attacked his son - and it wasn't the first time.

The father and his family live near Christian Park on the southeast side of Indianapolis. Wednesday, Indianapolis Metro Police arrested a 14-year-old for battery and criminal gang activity.

The man's son suffered numerous injuries including facial wounds from a pair of brass knuckles while getting jumped on by three suspected gang members.

"I don't want to be a statistic on the news," the father said. He asked not to be identified.

The man says the ongoing violence in Christian Park near his home must stop.

"He has had his leg split open from being hit with a brick, numerous knots on his head from bricks thrown at him, black eyes numerous times," said the father.

The father showed Eyewitness News death threats on Facebook against his son. He says they were posted by friends of the 14-year-old boy accused in the beating.

Christian Park has its peaceful moments, and we saw people at the park seemingly without any concern about their safety. But this concerned father says what his family witnessed in this park is no picnic.

"We have witnessed dope smoking, fighting, jumping, drinking in the park, almost to the point of riots," he said.

After calling police numerous times, the man is speaking out now.

"I don't want to be interviewed for the death of one of my children," he said.

That's one of his biggest fears because of violence in the park.