Father charged with murder in son's stabbing death

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Police in Noblesville have arrested an Alabama man for murder, hours after his son was stabbed to death.

Micah William Harrison, 30, of Robertsdale, Alabama, was arrested Wednesday night in the death of his two-year-old son, Michael.  Harrison has been preliminarily charged with murder in the boy's death.

Lt. Bruce Barnes with Noblesville Police says officers were called to the scene in the 14000 block of Waterlily Drive around 4:45 pm. Police and firefighters found the boy inside an apartment with apparent significant trauma to his head.

Medics provided care for the child, but he died at the scene.

A witness told Eyewitness News the suspect was walking with two small children and at first refused police commands to leave the children and come to the police.

"They were screaming, 'Put your weapon down!'," said a witness.

The man eventually surrendered and was taken in for questioning. Two young girls were taken from the apartment by police.

Another witness said about an hour before the incident, she saw two girls and a boy playing outside when the boy took off running. The witness said a man who was looking after the children became extremely angry and started screaming for the boy to return.

"Yelled and screamed at the little boy, 'Get back here!' and took off running after him and grabbing his coat and spanking him. Very angry," the witness said.

When the man caught up with the child, the witness says he spanked the boy. About an hour later, the boy was stabbed. The motive remains unclear, but police want the arrest well-publicized.

"We want our community to know someone is not on the loose," said Barnes.

Residents of the apartment complex say they have not seen Harrison, his son, or the two other small children at the apartment before Wednesday. It is unclear what connection they have to the three people they say live in the apartment, but it is believed Harrison was visiting family at the apartment complex.

"It breaks my heart. I don't know how someone could hurt their own child," said a neighbor.

Police say they have notified the boy's mother, who also lives in Robertsdale.

Harrison is in the Hamilton County jail, facing four preliminary charges, all felonies: Murder, Reckless Homicide, Battery and Aggravated Battery.

His initial court appearance has not been scheduled.

The investigation is ongoing.