Father charged in abduction of infant downtown


IMPD detectives arrested 19-year-old Robert Norris Sunday and charged him with battery on his five- month-old infant daughter.

IMPD officers were called to the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library just after noon Sunday for a possible child abduction.

Officers arrived and found Rodricia Snow, 18, who reported her five-month-old child had been taken by the non-custodial father after an argument and she feared for the child's safety.

According to Rodricia, the father, 18-year-old Robert Norris arrived at the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library and engaged the mother in a heated conversation. After taking the child, witnesses told police that Mr. Norris made statements that alluded to possible child endangerment.

Although a patron of the library followed Mr. Norris out the front door onto St. Clair Street, he was unable to keep up and lost visual contact with Mr. Norris at approximately 9th St. and Illinois where Mr. Norris continued Northbound.

IMPD Missing Persons asked for assistance from the Indianapolis Fire Department Urban Search and Rescue Team. Firefighters were dispatched to the Library at 1:12 pm and began making preparations for an area grid search.

In addition to the efforts of IMPD officers & the IFD USAR team, IFD Fire Stations in the area were asked to conduct a perimeter search, Circle Center Mall and other area businesses were contacted and Media was alerted for assistance.

The child was located along with the father at approximately 2:30 pm within walking distance of the Library by an IMPD officer. Both were unharmed and checked out by Medics. Although the search portion of the incident concluded, IMPD will continue the investigation into the incident.