Father begs to die at court hearing for young son's stabbing death

Micah William Harrison
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At a court hearing Thursday, an Alabama father accused of killing his young son was formally charged with murder.

"I should not have rights. I killed my poor little baby. Just kill me," Micah William Harrison, 30, of Robertsdale, Alabama, told the judge.

Micah Harrison, an unemployed painter, was arrested Wednesday evening in Noblesville. He's accused of stabbing his two-year-old son Michael Harrison to death.

The prosecutor may pursue a sentence of life without parole for Harrison.

Harrison was very emotional and somewhat combative during the hearing, and tried to leave while it was in progress. Before the hearing, officers had to subdue him and take him back to his cell after he tried to leap up from his chair twice.

When being advised of his rights, Harrison replied, "What about a right to a rope?"

He answered the judge's questions with repeated "yeahs" as he cried, several times putting his head on the desk and saying, "I can't do this right now." 

"I should not have rights. I killed my poor little baby. Just kill me," he said.

When told of trial date for March 12th, he said, "I hope I don't live that long. There's something wrong with me."

Court documents paint a grisly picture of the crime scene. According to investigators, Harrison attacked the child with a knife and a nail puller.

Read the probable cause affidavit here. Warning: this document contains graphic details of a young child's death.

The victim's grandmother, Pamela Harrison, told officers that Harrison arrived in Noblesville with his children on Tuesday, Jan. 8. Harrison drove to Noblesville without the children's mother. 

The grandmother reported that Micah Harrison believed someone or something was trying to kill him, and she saw him attack the closet door with a claw hammer.

She took the hammer away from Harrison and told him there was no one there, then hid the hammer in her bedroom. She later saw Harrison moving quickly from the kitchen to the bedroom where Michael was playing. When she walked in, she told officers she saw Harrison stab the child two or three times with a kitchen knife. She took the knife from him and told him he'd just killed his son, then called 911.

Officers found blood spattered on the bed, walls, furniture and ceiling where the boy died. They also found a nail puller consistent with the wound on the boy's forehead.

When officers arrived, they found Micah Harrison in the parking lot in front of the apartment complex. An officer asked him if he'd called police, and he said no, but pointed in the direction of one of the apartments. Officers took Harrison into custody and observed blood on his hands.

The little boy's grandmother directed officers to a spare bedroom in the apartment. That's where they found Michael Harrison lying on the floor with stab wounds to the chest and forehead. The boy was pale and cold to the touch.

Officers began CPR until medics arrived. The boy died from his injuries despite efforts to save him.

Officers removed Micah Harrison's four- and five-year-old daughters from the scene. They were not injured.

Harrison is being held without bond at the Hamilton County Jail on suicide watch.

Harrison has faced drug and alcohol charges over the past ten years. Police have also arrested him for menacing and assault, and for failure to appear in court in his home state of Alabama.

"Mr. Harrison was the subject of at least three domestic violence incidents, but however, he was not ever officially charged in any domestic violence cases," said Baldwin County (Ala.) Sheriff's Deputy Steve Arthur.

"When you see those kids playing in the swimming pool this summer and just being out there riding their little trikes and stuff it's just hard to believe that that baby is gone," said neighbor Lynn Bainbridge.