Father arrested for neglect after children found locked in car

Daniel Raine

An Indianapolis man is in jail after his children were found in a car at a restaurant parking lot Tuesday afternoon.

Daniel Raine, 28, is charged with neglect of a dependent. An officer responding to a report of unattended children found the 21-month-old girl and her three-month-old brother locked inside a car at the Hardee's restaurant in the 7200 block of Woodland Drive.

The car's windows were cracked slightly, so the officer was able to reach in and unlock the door to get the children out. The young boy had a heart monitor attached to his chest.

As the officer tended to the children, Raine emerged from the restaurant, saying he was just inside for a few minutes to pick up the children's mother from work.

A worker with Child Protective Services was called to the scene to interview the parents. The worker agreed to allow the children to go home with their mother.

Raine was transported to the Marion County Jail and charged with neglect.