Father arrested for dropping child from window

Brandon Jordan
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A father is in jail, accused of dropping his five-year-old son out of a third-story apartment window.

Police arrested 32-year-old Brandon Jordan for neglect of a dependent and criminal recklessness. The incident happened at the Arlington Green Apartments near E. 21st Street and Arlington Avenue late Saturday night.

When Eyewitness News met with mother Toni Jordan and her son at the apartment Monday morning, she pointed out their five-year old to show how well he was doing. The boy said, "My daddy dropped me out the window."

Witnesses say the child was home with Jordan Saturday night when they saw him drop the boy to the ground.

"We were sitting in here watching TV, doing hair, everybody was sitting outside. The next thing you know, we seen a little baby come out the window head first," said downstairs neighbor Barbara Berry.

She says she not only saw the boy fall, but heard him, too.

"He screamed when he came down and my friends picked the baby up," she said. "And Jordan came flying down the steps and we were, like, 'Man, why you drop that baby like that?' (Jordan said) 'I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to."

Although officers arrived and saw the child walking, playing and talking back inside the apartment, they still called for paramedics to check him out. Police say the wet grass may have played a role in the boy being able to walk away without any serious injuries.

"The police said that this ground was so soft and that is what saved his life. If it wasn't raining, he probably would have been dead," Berry said.

Toni Jordan works weekends, so she was not home at the time.

"I really can't comment on exactly what happened, because I was not home. All I know is what our other children told me and what police told me," she said.

Jordan also indicated that she is strongly believes that Metro officers responding to their home did the right thing by arresting Brandon Jordan.

"I never thought Brandon would do anything like that," Berry said.

She believes the man may have been trying to scare his son for unacceptable behavior.

"He said the baby kicked him and he was going to show an example to the baby. I don't care if it is your kid or my kid, you don't do no babies like that," Berry said.

Toni Jordan says the couple's other children are having a hard time dealing with what happened to the boy.

Brandon Jordan is scheduled in court Wednesday morning. His bond is currently set at $200,000.