Fatal police shooting occurred at known drug house

Andrew Sizemore
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Four Indianapolis police officers were shot and a suspect was killed Wednesday night. It all happened in a shootout at a known drug house in the 1600 block of State Avenue around 7:30 pm on the near east side of Indianapolis.

Police said information from neighbors tipped them off to drug activity at the home on State Ave. just north of Minnesota Street long before the shooting, and the known drug house was under surveillance.   

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs says $125,000 in cash, along with drugs and weapons, were found in the home. He says police believe the suspect, 27-year-old Andrew Sizemore, was dealing heroin.
In fact, undercover drug officers made a drug buy there earlier in the day Wednesday.  That gave them the probable cause they needed.  They were serving what they call a high-risk narcotics search warrant Wednesday night when the suspect inside started shooting.  

Riggs says Sizemore had a surveillance system and likely saw the officers approaching his home.
Cases like these are nothing new for the IMPD Narcotics Unit.  Chief Rick Hite said it's ongoing seven days a week around the city. Hite wants this case to send a strong message that officers are standing strong and will continue to risk their lives to make neighborhoods safe.  

Part of that effort comes from skillfully trained units.

"The SWAT team and the IMPD SWAT team, in particular, is one of the best trained in the country," according to IMPD spokesman Lt. Christopher Bailey. "They train together to enter houses like these all the time.  So, when it's appropriate or when officers have certain risk levels that meet their criteria, they use the SWAT team to make the entry into those houses."

IMPD says these officers did exactly what they were trained to do and, while they're sorry for the loss of life, they say you cannot sell drugs and commit violent acts and not expect the police to do something about it.