Fast Friday turns to near-washout at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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It was a disappointing day for race fans as Fast Friday wound up being a wet Friday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Practice was scheduled to begin at noon. Many fans arrived first thing in the morning hoping for the skies to clear, but it continued to rain off and on through much of the day.

Rick Hopper of Logansport wasn't deterred. As he stood in the drizzle, he said, "Even a wet day at the track is better than a day at work. Even if you don't see cars, although I saw an Impala going around track."

Cathy Burgemeiser was bundled up as she stood near the Pagoda.

"I'm from Arizona and I'm freezing, but I'm still having fun," she said. "This is awesome to be here."

While most people took shelter or checked out the garage area, Mark James and his son Andrew took their seats in the grandstand.

Mark said he tries to get to Fast Friday every year.

"The cars race really fast before qualifying and I love it," he said.

But as of 2:00 pm, he wasn't seeing "a whole lot of anything" on the track, "but I do see blue sky coming through."

The cars rolled out on the track just before 3:00 pm and got 19 minutes in before the practice laps came to a halt, stopped by more rain moving in.

Around 4:20 pm race officials called off practice and closed the track because of the inclement weather.

Many fans said they'd return Saturday and Sunday for qualifying. Read about the new qualifying procedure here.