Farmer's Almanac predicts another frigid winter, experts skeptical

The new Old Farmer's Almanac is hitting store shelves and if you believe what it has to say, we're in for another frigid winter.

Just months after one of the coldest winters in memory, we're back to 90 degrees in central Indiana. So maybe last winter was a once-in-a-lifetime fluke.

"Long winter and going to be long again, it sounds like," said Doug Kinney.

"Our wedding is in November. Looks like people are gonna be there in boots and coats," said Elizabeth Ratchford.

That is, if you believe the Almanac.

Could Hoosiers take another winter like the one we just suffered through?

"Oh, no, I could not. That was awful last year," said Katie Barnes.

"Almost up to my knees (in) snow. I had to buy a big, hefty pair of boots," said Jenna Hoch.

Could an instant replay be just weeks away?

"I kind of don't doubt it."

"Could be another crazy winter or it could be better. Hopefully it's better," said Bryon Pearson.

"I don't know if I want to go through that again," said Hoch.

So does winter come roaring in like a freight train? Do we moved to Florida now?

"Ahh, the Farmer's Almanac, what fun," said Petra Zimmermann, a Ball State climatologist. "You take those forecasts with a grain of salt. They are really no better than chance. They're fun."

She says Almanac forecasts are like horoscopes.

"They don't let you know what their methods are," she said. "They're secret."

Even the weather service doesn't predict whole seasons that far out.

Zimmermann says the Almanac missed the mild winter of 2012, but she predicted it.

"I got a snowblower so I knew we weren't going to get very much snow," she said.

That is why 2015 might be cold and snowy.

"Because I'm getting my kitchen remodeled and I won't be able to use my stove for a few weeks," Zimmermann said.

The Almanac says its readers find it accurate more than 80 percent of the time. But last year, they predicted "mild and dry" winter months and we remember what really happened.