Fans ready for Super Bowl


Football fans are getting ready for Sunday's Super Bowl between the Broncos and Seahawks.

Eyewitness News has a crew in New Jersey for the big game, and we talked to fans on both sides about the one thing they have in common.

It started off as a cold week in New Jersey at MetLife Stadium, but as the week progressed, the temperature - and the excitement - began to rise.

The cheerleaders for both teams looked at home on Broadway and the mascots took it all in.

We asked Denver Broncos fan John Roppollo about the one thing Seattle and Denver football teams both have in common this season.

"I would say elite quarterbacks," he said.

What about losing to Indianapolis?

"That's true, too! Kind of like our Kryptonite, you could say," he admitted.

"We beat both of you. We beat the Broncos and the Seahawks. You beat us in your stadium and that's okay," said Lynn Thomas, Seattle Seahawks.

The focus now switches from the building in the Big Apple to the game.

"The Super Bowl is in New Jersey!" said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Both teams say weather will not be an issue. And with temperatures expected to be in the 50's, it won't be.

Super Bowl Boulevard in Times Square, modeled after Indianapolis' Super Bowl Village, is now history. Everyone is focused on MetLife Stadium for the game on Sunday.

Be sure to tune into Eyewitness News throughout the weekend. We'll have more live reports from New Jersey as our countdown to the Super Bowl continues.