Fans lining up for free Sugarland concert


INDIANAPOLIS - It's a concert fans have been waiting for nearly three months to see.  They've been lining up since around 5 o'clock this morning, nearly 13 hours before the doors open.

The country duo was set to perform at the Indiana State Fair when a wind gust blew the stage rigging over. There will certainly be a somber tone here at Conseco tonight; 7 people were killed and nearly 50 injured in the stage collapse on August 13th. But many are hoping that this will turn into a celebration.

Despite the tragedy, on that night people reacted--helping one another to safety and spontaneously turning into first responders. Sugarland fan Gregory Johnson was at the concert celebrating his birthday. He'll be at the show tonight.

"Just being with these human beings we were with on my birthday. Like I said, when you stand around talking with somebody that long, hey, there's the birthday boy--get him a glass of water, let him stand wherever he wants to stand, and that reconnection that will take place on Friday night, and the concert's a bonus," Johnson says.

Those who had tickets to the original concert were given first priority to see the band play here. Once those tickets were distributed-- the rest were given away.

A crowd of more than 17 thousand people is expected here when doors open at 6:30. The concert starts at 7:30 and will feature an opening act by country singer Corey Cox who's from Pendleton.

"Obviously everybody at the concert who was affected by the stage collapse might have lost loved ones or had injured loved ones and a lot them will be at the concert. So it's a chance for everybody just to get back together and kind of reunite and celebrate what they didn't get to celebrate on August 13th," says Cox.

Tickets are no longer available for the show. Many of those who were injured at the fair are expected to come to tonight's concert.

But some of those hurt have filed their intention to sue and have named Sugarland. We understand some attorneys have advised their clients not to attend the concert.