Fans get ride of a lifetime at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Mario Andretti was Carrie Cline's driver today.

It's one thing to watch the cars on the track, and it's an entirely different experience to ride along.

Nothing can prepare you for going 180 miles per hour around tight corners! But with Mario Andretti at the wheel, it's all good! This was all a part of the IndyCar Experience Two-Seater ride and Eyewitness News met some incredible people like Kristin Yahnke.

Yahnke had gastric bypass surgery last June, lost 120 pounds and this was her reward. Kristin suffered from Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She lost the weight to save her life.

Today was all about celebrating her new life. Kristin suited up and joined about 30 other brave hearts for the ride of a lifetime.

"It's a big deal! My mom can't believe I'm doing this. My father says go for it, but my mom was like I can't believe my baby's going to get out there and I'm like mom, they're trained professionals," said Yahnke.

"That first turn, I thought, what am I doing? But once we got going, if I could cry right now tears of joy, I would, but I'm still so nervous and shaky. That was absolutely amazing," finished Yahnke.

You'll see much more of Kristin's story and a few others on race day on WTHR Channel 13. Even Marion County Department of Public Safety Director Troy Riggs took a spin!

Again, it's the IndyCar Experience and it's available to the public.