Fans eager for glimpse of Peyton Manning

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Peyton Manning fans stood outside the Alexander Hotel late Saturday afternoon as the Broncos arrived behind a police escort.

The fans, most of whom held Broncos helmets, posters and other gear, were hoping for autographs. Several stood with the media behind a cordoned off area just north of the hotel entrance.

Another group waited it out on the southeast corner. Turns out they wound up with the better view. First, they saw John Elway, Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos, get off a bus. And a few minutes later, Peyton.

As they shouted at him, he smiled and waved before entering the hotel through a back door.

While fans didn't score any autographs, they did get a glimpse of the former Colts star, which was more than enough for Aaron McAtee from Brownsburg.

McAtee said, "I've seen Peyton play a few times and it's cool to see him come back to the city where he made a big impact with the Colts."

His friend Reese Carter, Marion, agreed, "I really want the Colts to win, I'm a Colts fan, before a Peyton Manning fan, but he does well and we still win the best of both worlds."

While fans saw some Broncos players leave for dinner, we're told several were headed to St. Elmo's, odds are Peyton wasn't part of the pack, even though he still has a steak in Harry and Izzy's.

Restaurant Manager Jeff Smith said while he didn't know where Peyton would be eating, "If you're looking for him and he doesn't want to be found, this is probably the last place he'd be, but you never know."

Instead of looking for Peyton, several fans stood in line to check out the interactive displays aboard the NBC Sunday night football bus.

Corrie Torres and Brian Jensen, from Dixon, Illinois definitely stood out from the crowd. The two die-hard Colts fans and season ticket holders were decked out from head to toe in all sorts of Colts paraphernalia.

Jensen said, "I plan on losing my voice tomorrow night.  It's Sunday night football, man. It's just unreal."

Torres said she was "expecting a very exciting game. I have mixed emotions because of Peyton, but our team is the Colts so it's going to be loud and crazy."

At least they're on the same team. Kyle and Erin Inman, Bettendorf, Iowa, are a house divided. She stood on Georgia Street wearing a Colts sweatshirt while he was all Broncos.

The Inman's said they weren't about to miss Sunday's big showdown, even if it cost a small fortune.

Erin said, "about $500 a ticket, but that's not too bad," with Kyle adding, "It was expensive but it could have been a lot worse."

The two said they planned to attend the game more than a year ago, after they learned the Broncos would be playing in Indy.

Asked if the two rivals were feeling any tension, they laughed, "not now, but maybe tomorrow."

As for who they expected to win, Kyle said the Broncos and much to his surprise, his wife agreed.

"Uh oh," he smiled. "I might be sleeping on the couch tomorrow night. That might be a real possibility."

But they do have one thing in common. They both are huge fans of Peyton Manning. So if the Broncos do win, Erin may not feel quite so bad.