Fans can sign banner to wish Paul George well

Paul George
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The Indiana Pacers are staying mum on when Paul George will get out of the hospital.

There is a giant 'Get Well' card - and a difficult recovery - waiting for George when he is sent home after his leg was horribly broken during a scrimmage Saturday night for Team USA.

This banner is huge. It's stretched across tables in the entry area of Bankers Life Field House. Fans are filling it up with get well wishes. They hope it is a big and meaningful sign of their caring and concern for a young man facing a long and painful recovery.

People Paul George never met and doesn't know are leaving heartfelt messages.

"Sometimes the little things count," said Velma Coles. "This lets him know the little people are thinking about him and we want the best for him."

From his hospital bed in Las Vegas, George tweeted about his new Ferrari and posed for a picture with boxer Floyd Mayweather. But it's the 24-year-old NBA star who's facing the fight of his life.

Randy Kegerreis, a physical therapist at St. Francis Sports Medicine, explained, "There will be tears. There will be periods of time when they are depressed....Probably three- to four months before he will walk normal without a limp."

Yes, walking will be a milestone for an athlete normally capable of racing and leaping across a basketball court. After those first steps, Kegerreis explained the even more difficult steps in an athlete's recovery are those higher level skills.

"They have to be able to jump. They have to be able to land and they have to absorb all that shock through that leg," he added.

That broken leg and weakened muscles must withstand more than a ton of force generated when Gorge leaps and lands on the court. A full recovery may take more than a year. Calling physical therapy pain and torture is no exaggeration but athletes, as a rule, Kegerreis said, "are good patients, they are goal-oriented and they know where they want to go."

And they have fans to encourage them. "Get well soon," "heal fast," "come back soon," and "praying for you" are just a few of the messages left on George's giant "Get Well" card back in Indy. The banner is available for signing until after Friday night's Fever game. After that, it will be hung at the Fieldhouse.

You can also send your own card to:

Paul George Get Well PG

125 S. Pennsylvania St

Indianapolis, IN 46204