Fans appreciate Colts season, despite shortcomings

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The season may be over, but diehard Colts fans are still proud of the team despite Sunday's Wildcard game loss in Baltimore.  A season that most fans thought was going to be a rebuilding year still ended up with a playoff team.

"Well, I thought the season was really impressive given that Luck is new," said Shawna Larson after watching the game at a downtown pub. "I was really impressed and surprised - pleasantly surprised. "

Anthony Troxell called the Colts' defense "not that good." Yet, he called the team's 11-6 record "a good run..there were a lot of rookies. They did pretty good."

The rookie who drew the most attention was quarterback Andrew Luck. "Nothing seemed to rattle Luck," said Bill Stall as he waited at the airport for the team to return Sunday night. "I think he is going to be an excellent quarterback."

Stall and his son try to greet the Colts when they return home after every away game. The blue horseshoe resting on the back of his truck makes every trip. He is one of the fans that welcomed Andrew Luck to town and has the #12 jersey to prove it.

"I have the Luck jersey on now. I wish he would sign it," Stall said before the Colts plane landed.

Once the team arrived, they stopped to sign and pose for pictures with the fans who braved the cold. 

"Adam, thank you for such a great season," came a woman's voice from the crowd surrounding the Colts kicker. ''Well thank you for supporting us all year long," said Adam Vinatieri as he signed autographs and took pictures with all those who waited.

Then Luck, the man that many fans say brought this team from the basement to the playoffs stopped and talked, and Bill Stall got his jersey signed. 

Regardless of how the season ended, these are the fans the team plays for.

"We will be back," said snapper Matt Overton as he fulfilled a woman's autograph request.