Fan sponsored IndyCar unveiled

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Cutters RT are trying to get an IndyCar in the Indianapolis 500 this year that is completely sponsored by fans. 

Saturday they unveiled what the People's Race Car will look like.

The IndyCar already has a few names on it from race fan sponsors who attended Saturday's event.

Fans can sponsor the ride with a $100 contribution.  Cutters RT is in partnership with Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing.

The goal is one-million dollars for a completely fan-sponsored car.

"Whatever we can do to raise the money to get to our goals is what we're going to do and then if we fall short, we're always going to be recognized on one car or the other, we just do not know exactly what car that will be at this time whether it's Tagliani or Newgarden but there will be recognition as the people's race car for all of our sponsors," explained Cutter RT co-founder Travis Tetrault.

To learn how to become a sponsor or check out stories of fans who've already sponsored the People's Race Car.