Family sues school district over sexual assaults on girl

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The family of a local student is suing a central Indiana school district for not protecting their daughter from a series of sexual assaults on school property.

The incidents happened years ago, but the family is filing the suit now, five years later, because they say the young woman is still coping with the after effects of what happened.

"She's been robbed of a lot and it's something that breaks my heart, because I wish we could have done more. I wish the school had done more," said a mother, who didn't want her face shown on television or her name used.

That's why the family is suing Washington Township Schools.

"She needs restitution. She never got it and the school never gave it to her. The school never helped her," said the mother.

The mother is talking about her daughter's seventh grade school year at Eastwood Middle School. It's a time this mother called a living hell for her daughter both in the classrooms and halls at the hands of two male students.

"She was told, 'How would you like to be raped? You might be raped today. Just wait until next period'," said the mother.

According to the lawsuit's claims, though, it didn't stop there.

"The boys would say, 'Go', then one would reach over her shoulder and grab, slap or squeeze her breasts, while the other one reached between her legs and put his hands in her groin area," the lawsuit reads.

"She couldn't even defend herself. She's got two hands and you've got four hands coming at you," said the girl's mother.

When her daughter finally spoke up after a month, according to her mother, the young woman had to face the boys and their parents, along with administrators and police in a meeting.

"They stuck her at a table and drilled her and asked her, 'What did they do? Where did they touch you? How did they touch you?'," recalled the mother, who was also in the meeting with her daughter and husband. "You know, 'Why didn't you say anything? You're all good students. Why would this happen?'"

The mother said her daughter, who is now 18, has panic attacks, depression and tried to take her own life twice.

"She's never fully healed from it, ever," said the mother.

If she does, said this mom, it could take years of therapy to get her there.

"This is something that's going to stay with her forever," she said.

Eyewitness News made repeated calls to Washington Township School District for comment on the lawsuit, but they never responded.