Family shares memories of murdered pizza delivery driver

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Police are still searching for the person responsible for shooting and killing a pizza delivery driver. It happened last night around seven o'clock on the city's southside in the 4100 block of Continental Court.

That's where Daniel Jaffke had just finished delivering a pizza. A short time later, the customers he delivered to found him lying outside on the ground with at least one gunshot. He was taken to Eskenazi, where he later died.

The 30-year-old's family is understandably devastated. They shared why their Daniel was so much more than just a pizza delivery driver.

"I'm glad he'll live on in more than just memories," said Julie Ritter, Jaffke's sister.

In the midst of grieving her brother's death, Julie Ritter is grateful she'll always have his music.

"He was a musician. He played seven instruments not even including his voice, which was amazing. He played in a band," said Ritter.

Jaffke was also a pizza delivery driver for this Southside Papa John's. And while simply doing his job, he was gunned down--his car stolen.

"At 10:00, the phone rang and it was my stepmom and she said Julie, Daniel's dead and it was shock," said Ritter.

Police found Jaffke's car a little more than 12 hours later at 1601 S. East St.--only three miles away from the crime scene.

"It's hard when I think about it was his second job just to make ends meet. If someone had needed money, he would have given it to them. He was a generous soul," said Ritter.

Generous with his money and resources, generous with his gentle spirit.

"This is how I remember him--the youngest....14:21-There were seven of us and he was the baby with five of us to contend with. (I was his favorite)," said Ritter.

For now, Julie and her family lean on the good memories and a steady peace rooted in strong faith.

"I know where he's performing today and it's not in some smoky bar, but that he's singing in heaven with God," said Ritter.

Hopeful, confident that police will find the clues and someone will call with the information to lead to his killer.

In addition to being a musician, singer and songwriter, Daniel was also a machinist. His sister said he could fix anything.

If you know of or have heard anything that could lead police to His killer, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.