Family reacts to arrest in Gas City murder

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Five hours after Gas City police responded to a woman's home for a break-in, they were called back for her murder. But even though two suspects have already been arrested, neighbors are still scared and family members are furious.

Robby Rheam is struggling to understand why someone took his only sibling away from him and her two children, who are just seven and ten.

"If I could get my hands on them, I'd do the same thing to them they did to my sister because she didn't deserve it," said Robby.

According to police, Ashley Rheam came home Saturday morning to find her home broken into and some of her things missing.  She called police.  They responded, searched the home, took a report and left. Five hours later, Ashley's roommate came home and found her dead.  Police say she died from a gunshot wound to the head. 

"They shot her in the face with a rifle.  It was her gun that she had in her house and they broke in the back door," said Robby.

Between the time police responded to the house for the break-in and when they came back for the murder, the next door neighbor was outside in their driveway and heard commotion inside, but thought nothing of it. 

"She liked to party and that's why we were used to the noise.  It was normal," said Daniel Wagener, the next door neighbor.

But, thanks to great leads, it didn't take long to track down the suspects. Twenty-three-year-old Tyrell Lenoir and 17-year-old Matthew Tyra are charged with murder and robbery.  Robby Rheam is hoping the punishment fits the crime. 

Police want to emphasize the robbery charge against the two suspects stems from an incident at the time of the murder.  They have not yet linked them to the burglary of Ashley's home from earlier in the day.  

Ashley's two children are staying with family.