Family of Paramedic proud of his service


Twenty-two-year-old Paramedic Cody Medley passed away early Sunday morning at Wishard hospital with his family by his side.

His father flew in from the east coast as soon as he heard about the accident.

Eyewitness News has learned Medley died after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

"I could not be prouder, than this boy, this man right here," said Jeff Medley.

Wearing his son's paramedic jacket, Jeff Medley said he is proud of the life his son lived, "He was incredible person. I wish you could have met him."

Cody Medley spent nearly three years taking care of the people of Marion County when they needed help the most.

The paramedic did his EMS training through the IEMS Academy. His years of service began early when Cody Medley was a member of the Sunman Fire Department after attending high school out east in Pennsylvania.

His co-workers say he was committed to public service.

"I think many of the people who work in this line of business feel that calling. Not necessarily in the area they grew up or the town, but just a calling to make a difference in the world, in the community in which they live," said Dr. Charles Marimonti with Indianapolis Emergency Management Service.

His family told Eyewitness News Cody Medley loved the outdoors.

Medley will most likely be laid to rest out of state, but his family says they will always feel a connection with Cody's adopted home here in Indiana.

"We have got people here that we can be very, very proud of. They have been so helpful and supportive. And, we very much appreciate that," said Jeff Medley.

A public memorial service is planned to honor both Cody Medley and Tim McCormick. IEMS said it will most likely be held on Thursday.

Indianapolis Emergency Management Services has created a memorial sticker to honor both men.