Family of motorcyclist makes pleas to city, state officials

Eric Wells

Indianapolis - The family of a man killed in a motorcycle crash has sent letters to city and state officials about his death.

Eric Wells was killed and two others were critically injured in the August 6th crash. Officer David Bisard faces felony charges including reckless homicide in connection with the crash. He was originally charged with drunk driving-related charges after a blood alcohol content test came back at .19, but those charges were thrown out on a technicality. The botched investigation led to an uproar in the community, and over the weekend, three IMPD officers were demoted.

"We're not trying to badger anybody. We're really trying to open their eyes," Wells' brother, Ryan, said by phone from Florida Tuesday. "They're trying to pass these Mickey Mouse, you know, demotions off like they're the best thing that they can do and it's not the best thing that they can do."

Aaron Wells, father of Eric Wells, makes a plea to Mayor Greg Ballard, saying, "only you have the power to ensure justice has a fair chance."

In his letter, Aaron Wells urges the mayor to make sure the "appropriate authorities" are in control of the investigation. Wells cites eyewitnesses who reported that Officer David Bisard did not make an attempt to help the three victims, and only appeared to be concerned with a black duffle bag in his cruiser, which Wells says he never handed over to other officers. Wells also maintains the crash scene was never properly secured.

Mary Wells, Eric Wells' mother, sent an email to the Mayor's Action Center.

In it, she writes that seven ranking police officers were on the scene and names those officers (John Conley, Darryl Pierce, Ron Hicks, Sgt. Peters, Lt. Larry Jahnke, Lt. Stan Stephens and Sgt. Doug Heustis, according to the email.) She points to the fact that a blood test wasn't administered until two hours after the crash and that no Breathalyzer was made. "Why are the above seven officers not suspended for the very least 'incompetence' or 'negligence?'...They tested my son Eric and he was dead and had nothing to do with causing this."

Mary Wells also writes, "Put yourself in my shoes, Mr. Mayor. Your child will never call you on your birthday, Mother's/Father's Day, or just to say, 'I love you, Mom/Dad."

Eric Wells' widow Luisa Montilla-Wells wrote a letter to Gov. Mitch Daniels. She is "requesting that an unbiased department such as the State Police conduct the investigation currently being handled by the IMPD since it involves one of their own officers and creates a conflict of interest."

"I am pleading for your assistance to intervene in the investigation. Being a former police officer for the City of Boca Raton, Florida, I find this investigation to be unethical," writes Montilla-Wells.

Eric Wells' uncle also wrote a letter.

Ryan Wells says his family wants the officers on scene the day his brother was killed, to be fired.

"Every single one of those people need to be terminated and then tried in a criminal court of law," he said. "This is corruption like a lot of people have not seen. I mean, if you add an illegal business on the side, you have nothing different than the mafia."

He's also calling for IMPD Chief Paul Ciesielski and Public Safety Director Frank Straub to step down.

"We don't want condolences. We're really done with that from these people. They said that stuff on TV. They've had their little, I guess you could call it a hug a baby moment for politicians. We're done with that. We want action," Wells said.

If the Wells family doesn't get action from the leaders, family is reaching out, too.

"If they're not going to listen, we'll find somebody who will," Ryan Wells said.