Family of fallen officer mourns loss

Spencer Moore and Sgt. Jo Moore, Officer David Moore's parents

Indianapolis - The family of Metro Police Officer David Moore remembered him as a dedicated officer who put his fellow officers before himself.

Spencer Moore, who is a retired IMPD lieutenant, and IMPD Sgt. Jo Moore, spoke to reporters Wednesday several hours after their son passed away. They said up to ten of David's organs will be harvested.

The family thanked IMPD and the community for the outpouring of support since Moore was shot during a traffic stop Sunday morning. He was 29 years old.

On the morning David Moore was shot, he had already made nine traffic stops or investigations before the shooting - a tremendous number for just two hours of work.

"We think he was cut down too short in life and possibly had other things he could have done," said Spencer Moore. But Moore said his son would live on through others, thanks to organ donation.

"I do want to say thank you so much to the City of Indianapolis," Spencer Moore added.

He also thanked doctors at Wishard Hospital who fought to save David's life.

"These people here could not have been better. They cared for David in a very caring fashion did and everything that was possible in medical science to save him. It was just not possible. I cannot tell you how grateful we felt in placing the most precious thing we have in their hands."

Jo Moore fought back tears as she spoke about her son.

"A mom never wants to bury their child but if David had to go, this is the way he would have wanted to go," she said. "He worked harder than anyone I know. He put my police work to shame, and I thought I was pretty darn good."

Jo Moore spoke about a tattoo David had on his arm. It was an image of a Metro Police patch with three sets of numbers - 708, Spencer Moore's first badge number, 968, Jo Moore's first badge number, and David Moore's own, 755.

Organ donation

Jo Moore said she took comfort from the fact that David's organs would give others a chance at life. She said that her family would give "hope to other families so I can get through today. There are other families that are getting a beautiful phone call. Somebody's gonna get a darn good heart."

The day before he was shot, he spoke with his mother on the phone and told her how excited he was to be working a new day shift schedule.

"What he didn't realize was day shift is very hazardous because when something happens on day shift it's usually very ugly and he met evil," said Sgt. Moore.

That conversation on Saturday was the last time she talked to her son.

"He lived a life that anyone would be proud of, particularly parents could be proud of," she said.

Spencer Moore also spoke of his son's selflessness.

"If David had a choice of who was gonna die that morning he would have chosen himself over any other officer," he said.

"David is comforting me"

"David is comforting me," Jo Moore said. "I'm only strong because my son is making me that way."

"He doesn't regret this sacrifice. Not one bit. This is the job he lived for and this is the job he died in. There's just no regret to it," said Spencer Moore.

"That boy was twice the man I am and ten times the police officer, without a doubt. He taught us a lot of things and he still does. And I hope he's teaching the community that young men like him are willing to serve and willing to die so that we do have a better community," Spencer Moore added.

David Moore leaves behind his parents and an older sister, along with his IMPD family. Spencer Moore says his children were very close.

Shooting investigation

IMPD Chief Paul Ciesielski would not comment on the pending case against Thomas Hardy, the man accused of shooting Officer Moore. Hardy has not yet been charged in the incident, although he is being held on unrelated charges in connection with the robbery of a Dollar General store on Emerson Ave. which occurred about 45 minutes after the shooting Sunday morning.

The chief did say that some tests were being conducted to make sure detectives could build a solid probable cause affidavit. He said he did not know when that would be filed.

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