Family hopes for leads in crash that nearly killed daughter


As the new year begins, an east side Indianapolis family is hoping for new leads in the search for a hit and driver who nearly killed their daughter.

We first brought you this story in November, but investigators now say they have hit a dead end in the case.

The middle school student is struggling to recover and a family is trying to find out who is responsible for her injuries. 

Her blue eyes, big smiles and girlish giggles belie the battle Sally Peppers is waging to reclaim her life. 

"It's boring and hard." Sally said. Frustrating too, she told us. 

It's also a crime, an unsolved crime.

Her father Thomas Peppers sits near her on the living room sofa and speaks quietly.

"She was hit so hard, it could have killed her. The person left her for dead."

In a photo taken by her brother, Sally looked near death in her hospital bed. A broken leg, a broken pelvis and a severe concussion, all the result of being struck by a hit and driver as she walked to the school bus stop. 

6 weeks later, Sally says "I'm happy because I can spend time with my family and not stay in the hospital."

But there are daily exercises and physical therapists and speech therapists. Sally's brain is still healing. She has the intellect of an 8-year-old and struggles. 

"I'm trying to remember," she says. Trying to remember even simple things, like what she got for Christmas. After thinking and getting a nod from dad she exclaims, "a doll".

She takes a long pause and adds, "and some CD's." 

"It is going to be a long tedious process," her dad said.

Police investigators have hit a dead end, their few lead leading nowhere.

When Peppers wasn't working or at the hospital holding his daughter's hand or talking with doctors and nurses, he drove through the neighborhood looking for a damaged car, one that looked like the one that hit his daughter. He didn't find it.

"There's quite a few dark colored sedans out there," he said.

Sally doesn't remember anything from that morning, but she wants to. "Because I want to know who hit me, who did that to make me go to the hospital."

Police could use some help catching the hit and run driver. The accident occurred on November 22nd at 6:30 a.m. at the corner of East New York St. at Jefferson. Investigators are looking for a  black or dark-colored 4-door car with front end damage. 

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers, (317) 262-TIPS.