Family hopes fleeing drunk driver is found

Alexandria Nelson, 2, is recovering after being struck by a drunk driver last month.

Police are searching tonight for the man accused of a hit-and-run crash involving a two-year-old girl last month.

Alexandria Nelson's family, their Muncie neighbors and the Delaware County court all have the same question.

"Where is he and what can we do to find him?" father John Nelson asks.

Doroteo Chavez is missing and now a warrant is out for his arrest. John Nelson points to a wound on his daughter's leg and says, "This one here is where they had to do the surgery."

The girl also suffered fractured ribs, a bad road rash and more.

Police say two weeks ago, Chavez ran over Alex. He didn't stop then, but drove into his carport and waited in his home until police got him. He was arrested for DUI - his third such arrest - and released on bond. But since, he's disappeared.

Witnesses in the neighborhood tells us they saw family members moving some of his things out over the weekend. That's the last he's been seen. A judge put out an arrest warrant, saying Chavez is to be held without bail.

Nelson says the family and neighbors worry about the missing man, who didn't show up for his court hearing this week.

"Is he out drunk driving again? Could he hurt some other kid with a car, even though they took his license away? Are our kids going to be safe?" Nelson asked.

With two prior DUIs, they wonder how he got bail. The prosecutor's office says he did not appear to be a flight risk. They will ask for no bail now.

"As much injury as he did to her, I'm surprised they let him out at all," said Nelson.

Two bakers are holding a cupcake benefit for Alexandria this Saturday (Sept. 8). The event will be held from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Center Chapel United Methodist Church at 900 W. Royerton Road in Muncie.

Also, a fund has been set up for the girl at all First Merchants Bank locations. The account number is 0200445554.