Family holds prayer vigil for missing infant

Delano Wilson

It's been nearly four days since Delano Wilson disappeared.

Despite a massive search for the 6-week-old infant, there's still no sign of him or his alleged abductors.

"We just want to let know whoever out there that has our son, to bring him back. We don't care where you send him to, we just want him back alive and safe in our arms," said Willie Wilson, the father of one month old Delano Wilson, missing since Wednesday.

That's when his father Willie Wilson says someone robbed him in an alley while he was carrying his son. Wilson says he was knocked unconscious and came to, only to see a man and woman driving away with his baby son in a blue Ford Taurus.

Neighbors, family, friends and church leaders turned to God in prayer Saturday, in the absence of other answers about the missing infant's whereabouts.

"Father, there's a young child. Father, there's a one month old child that is missing," prayed Reverend Malachi Walker with the Young Men Incorporated Youth Ministry.

"That child is out there and somebody knows where this child is," said Reverend Walker to the crowd that gathered outside the home of the baby's parents.

"We can't get any sleep. This is a nightmare. We just want our son back,' said Wilson.

Police issued an Amber Alert Wednesday night and spent the next three days searching the White River and woods near the spot where Wilson said the baby was taken.

The alert was cancelled Friday night and the search scaled back.

"We're pretty much on our own, but we have God with us, so we're walking by faith," said family friend Lethrice Hamilton who was heading up the effort to pass out flyers with the baby's picture on them.

"We need all the help that we can get. We want him back and we want him back badly," she added.

That's a plea Delano's family continues to make.

"If anybody know anything, please. Please. Bring him to us. Bring him to us," said Wilson.

Investigators have said the tips about the case have dwindled with each day.