Family holds out hope for man missing in Pacific plane crash

Babar and Haris Suleman
A U.S. Coast Guard search team says it found wreckage from a plane piloted by an Indiana teenager that crashed in the Pacific Ocean earlier this week.

17-year-old Haris Suleman died in the crash, but searchers have not yet located his father Babar, who was also aboard the single-engine plane.

A man who saw the plane crash into the ocean, said the aircraft was flying low, but didn't show any obvious signs of distress before it went down.

The witness told the Associated Press that he saw no fire, explosions or emergency lighting on the plane carrying Haris and Babar Suleman.

Even without news about Babar's location 24 hours after the crash, his family still believes in miracles.

"There are miracles happen. People have survived in even these conditions for days, okay? We believe in miracles. We believe in hope. We believe in prayers," said family friend Azher Khan. "Babar is a fighter and I believe in my heart that he's somewhere there, wanting to be rescued."

"Until we know that he isn't, we're going to keep believing that he's alive," said Babar's daughter, Hiba.

The family says authorities have told them...they have found the plane's wreckage.

"They told us that they did send divers down, but they don't have the equipment to send them to the depth that the wreckage is located," Hiba said.

That's why they're appealing to anyone with the resources who can help get into what's left of the plane.

"Any kind of help that they can give to take a look in the fuselage and the larger pieces of the plane to see if there's any evidence of my father being down there," Hiba said.

Rescue crews located the body of Haris Suleman above the water, just two hours after his single-engine plane went down off the coast of American Samoa. Both father and son were wearing tracking devices in case of a crash landing in the water.

"We are hoping that beacon on Babar can be picked up and this rescue could continue especially with divers involved," Khan said.

For now, a plane has been doing an aerial search in the area where the plane went down. Local fisherman have also been given the word to be on the look out for any signs of the elder Suleman.

The family is promoting the effort from Indiana on social media with the hashtag "#BringBabarHome."