Family donates 1923 Apperson to Kokomo

The 1923 Apperson that was donated to the City of Kokomo.
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Nearly 90 years since it left town, a classic Kokomo, Indiana-built automobile has returned home through the generous donation of a New Hampshire automobile collector.

The 1923 Apperson sedan was bestowed to the City of Kokomo through the estate of Stanley Hamel of New Hampshire. Mr. Hamel purchased the automobile in the 1950s for $400, and he spent several years restoring it. Over the years, he made several trips to the Elwood Haynes Museum, and premade arrangements in his will to ensure that the Apperson automobile would return to Kokomo upon his passing.   

"We are happy the car is in a place where everyone can enjoy it," said Karen Hamel-Simas. "The reason we donated it to the Elwood Haynes Museum was because the Apperson automobiles were built in Kokomo, Indiana, and we wanted to return it to the town where they were originally manufactured."

The automobile is in excellent condition and represents one of the finest American-built automobiles of its time. Mr.Hamel once drove the Apperson sedan in the Glidden Tour, the largest premier antique automobile touring event in the world. 

"I am honored the Hamel family decided to donate the car to the Elwood Haynes Museum," said John Martino, Kokomo Parks Superintendent. "It showcases another facet of Kokomo's history which represents a significant piece of tangible evidence of Kokomo's automotive heritage. The car, as well as many other historical artifacts can be viewed at the Elwood Haynes Museum, located at 1915 S. Webster St."

Apperson automobiles were manufactured in Kokomo from 1901 to 1926.

(This story is a news release from the City of Kokomo.)