Family demands investigation into son's injuries

Aaron Resnover had surgery to repair a cut on his chin from an alleged fight at school.
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Parents are calling for a tougher investigation after they say their middle school student was assaulted by another student and rushed to the emergency room.

"I don't remember anything except waking up on the floor," said Broad Ripple High School student Aaron Resnover.

Resnover, 13, remembered one moment, though, getting 27 stitches in his lower lip while his father took a video to document his son's injuries.

"The doctor was pulling chipped teeth out of his lip in the ER," said Aaron's father, Charles.

According to Aaron and his dad, the teen's injuries were the result of an incident he says happened at Broad Ripple High School, where he and a fellow student were shadow boxing after school.

"He came up behind me and that's when he started choking me," Aaron explained. "I was trying to get him off me, but I couldn't really say anything."

"When he passed out, the kid let him go and Aaron hit the floor, you know, full force," his father said.

Aaron said the teacher in the room didn't see what was going on, because she was busy signing bus passes. Aaron's father wants to know why the other student wasn't disciplined.

"He went home on the bus with the other kids, my son went home in an ambulance," said Resnover.

IPS said they don't believe what happened was intentional. The school said it was horseplay that went too far, but should never have happened.

Charles Resnover said there was more to it, though. He said when his son came to, he was missing $20.

"If you see the injuries on my son's neck, you know, it doesn't look like playing to me, it looks pretty severe," said Resnover.

Resnover said he's not sure when Aaron will be returning to school, or if he even feels safe sending him back there.

"We send our kids to school to get an education. I don't expect to get a phone call saying that my son being choked or he's bleeding," said Resnover.

The family has hired a lawyer.