Family catches burglary suspect red-handed

Cameron Click
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A south side Indianapolis family refused to become a victim of crime and took action. They captured a suspected burglar in the act, and held him until police arrived.

Police always want you to be their eyes and ears and never try to fight or detain a burglar. In this case, the family is relieved about how the scenario ended with them not hurt and the burglar caught red-handed.

The break-ins started around 5 o'clock this morning at several homes on Hoss Road. Several home owners found their cars broken into, garages burglarized and personal belongings missing.

Police say eventually, 21-year-old Cameron Click made his way to a fifth home.

The mother of the household happened to be awake and spotted the burglar outside their house. She woke up the rest of the family.

"My son came charging out. I was looking for where I had my handgun. I grabbed it and I followed him out about five seconds later. He had already held this guy and had him in a choke hold right here on the driveway. I came out to make sure the kid didn't have...I don't know how old he was....I didn't know if he had a weapon. But we wanted to make sure he didn't. We didn't want any altercation. I don't want to hurt anybody," said Bruce B., who asked that his last name not be used.

The family says police arrived in about five minutes. Officers reportedly found items in his pockets belonging to several neighbors.

The neighborhood used to have an active crime watch, something they are now talking about starting back up.

Bruce said he feels "vindicated because we caught the little guy."

Still, he admits this was a dangerous situation.

"Anything could happen. You're thinking - is this kid that is breaking in...has he got a gun, has he got a knife? I don't know. You just don't know," he said.

Police arrested Cameron Click.

Bruce believes he went from went from house to house, and officers reportedly found the evidence to prove it.

"When police got here they emptied his pockets he had wallets from different addresses around here. He had a remote, a pocket knife. He was wearing rubber gloves," said Bruce.

Bruce credits the motion-activated lights around his house, saying that's what got his wife attention.

"I got lots of motion lights. This is one night we did not lock the gates so I am guessing he walked right in through the gates. Of course his story was he was walking through the yard on his way to the mall. My son said, 'the Greenwood Mall? It's four miles away,'" said Bruce.