Families spar outside courtroom after quadruple homicide suspect hearing

Kenneth Rackemann
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Sheriff's deputies had to step outside a downtown Indianapolis courtroom Tuesday as two families involved in a quadruple murder case got into a shouting match and almost came to blows.

Four people - Kenneth Rackemann, Anthony LaRussa, Samantha Bradley and Valencia Williams - face murder and robbery charges for last month's shooting deaths of four others.

Rackemann, the suspected killer, made his initial court appearance Tuesday after he got out of control last week in the courtroom. The second time around, things got "out of control" outside the courtroom, and it was all caught on camera.

The victims were shot inside a house on South Parker Avenue last month. Officers found their bodies in separate rooms. Prosecutors said they can even prove the suspects' alibi is false, put together by the so-called brains of the robbery plan.

"If there are brains, what we have alleged from the conspiracy is this was all put into place by the defendant Anthony LaRussa," said Marion County Prosecutor Denise Robinson.

Drugs were sold out of the house bringing in thousands of dollars a day, according to investigators, but court records show the robbers only got a few dollars from one of the victim's pockets.

Even family members of the victims - who call the murders senseless - admit illegal activity at the house.

"Everybody in that house was doing drugs that night, are on drugs or associated with drugs," said Ashley Brown, a cousin of one of the victims.

Eventually, during that heated exchange outside the courtroom, deputies were able to separate families of the victims and the suspects.

Rackemann will return to the city county building for another hearing on April 10. At that time, we will probably see even more deputies working crowd control so things don't get out of control for a third time.