Families pack fire safety event after Olney Street fatal fire

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It has been exactly two weeks since a horrific fire on Olney Street that claimed six members of the Guerra family.

It's brought a renewed push for smoke detectors, along with fire safety and education.

Nearly 150 people came out for the Indianapolis Fire Department's free Survive Alive event Saturday.

It offered families a chance to tour a mock house and look for fire dangers while practicing an escape plan.

Janie Holly also spoke at the event. She's the mother of the four children killed in a house fire back in 1996 along New Jersey Street.

She attended the services Friday for the Guerra family and describes their new found relationship.

"Their focus was on me, and I'm thinking you lost six, but they were like you've dealt with this for 18 years, how are you doing? We hugged, we cried together, we prayed together and I just felt attached because we both have experienced this together and this bond will be there for a lifetime," Janie Holly said.

Free smoke detectors were handed out at the event. A limited supply is available at each fire station.

Fire department leaders say Daylight Saving Time is a good time to remember to test and check your smoke detector battery.