Families of soldiers killed in Iraq reflect on ten-year anniversary

Cammie Doyle's brother, Jeremy, was killed in Iraq in 2005.
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Many families of military members wounded or killed in the war in Iraq are considering the sacrifices they've made over the past decade since the war began.

"Someone knocks on the door and you open the door and it's the military in their green uniforms and we knew," said Cammie Doyle.

Doyle knew her big brother was never coming home from Iraq.

"One minute you were talking to him and he was laughing and carrying on and the next minute you find out there is going to be no more calls, no more letters, no nothing," she said.

Staff Sgt. Jeremy Doyle enlisted in the Army when he was 19 to make a fresh start in life.

"All through school, all his teachers told him he would never be anything. He was going to be a low life his whole life," said Cammie.

But the Army turned out to be the highlight of Jeremy's life, transforming him into a leader. That pursuit of a bright future ended abruptly on August 18, 2005. That's when his humvee drove over a roadside bomb, killing everyone inside.

In his death, Martinsville showered their fallen son with honor and praise.

Looking back over her brother's achievements 10 years after the start to the war, Cammie has mixed feelings about it all.

"I think we meddle too much and we shouldn't be meddling in other people's affairs unless they ask for our help or if it gets to that point where we need to step in to help our allies," said Cammie.

But, this still-grieving little sister stops short of saying her brother died in vain.

"Because that's what he signed up for. That's what he loved doing and I think, if given the chance to do it all over again, he would go back in a second," said Cammie.

Stephen Downing was killed by a sniper in Iraq in 2004. His former wife also feels her husband's death meant something when you add up all of the sacrifices made by so many other soldiers.

She says her husband spent a lot of time giving to and working with Iraqi children while there and she has no doubt he made a difference in their lives.