Families of deceased patients blame "terrible care" at Kokomo clinic

Dr. Don Wagoner and three other doctors are facing charges over the drugs they prescribed.
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Four Indiana doctors are facing charges after the deaths of dozens of patients, and now 13 Investigates is uncovering troubling new information about the drugs they prescribed.

So far, 27 patients have died from what is being called "terrible care," at the Wagoner Medical Center. Police say the doctors and staff handed out prescriptions for dangerous drugs with little regard to patients' real medical needs.

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Glenn Young was 49 years old when he died - the coroner's report says he overdosed. The night that Young died, his mother knew something was wrong, she knew that he had been going to the Wagoner Medical Center in Kokomo and had changed his medication.

"Oxycodone, I think, but as far as I know, I don't how many he took," said Nina Young.

According to a 500-page investigative report released to Eyewitness News by the Howard County Prosecutor's Office, Young is referred to as "Victim #9." He had been a patient of Dr. Don Wagoner since April 2009 and had been given prescriptions for Oxycodone and Xanax. The documents show one week before he died, he was given another prescription of Oxycodone with instructions to take it six times a day.

"I asked him if I could take him to the doctor, but he would hardly go, you know, he said, 'Mom, I'm going around here to lay down and that was the last word I said to him," his mother said.

Young is one of 27 patients that, according to police, prosecutors, the DEA and attorney general's office, died while in the care of doctors at the Wagoner Medical Clinic. Drs. Don and Marilyn Wagoner, Dr. William Terpstra are being held in the Howard County jail on $1 million dollar cash bail, the fourth doctor in the practice, Dr. Robert Brewer, is out of jail on a $75,000 dollar bond.

Tuesday afternoon, Don Wagoner met with his attorney, Jim Voyles, who trying to get two of the doctors out of jail. Police have also arrested five employees of the practice - John Thomas, Gary Hartman, Linda Richards, Thomas Hewitt and Michelle Wagoner. All nine are charged with a total of 95 felonies that include dealing controlled substances and/or aiding in dealing controlled drugs.

More than 125,000 prescriptions for controlled substances were written by the four doctors. Police and prosecutors say the investigation is far from over.