Fallen officer helped save man in 2003 suicide attempt

George Beeler Sr.
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For Shandale Beeler and her family, the death of IMPD Officer Perry Renn brings back some memories she'd like to forget.

"My oldest son came in and was, like, 'Dad has a gun to his head'," Beeler recalled. "And I was, like, what?"

It was in a home in the 3500 block of North Gale Street back in February, 2003. Beeler's 44-year-old husband George had a finger on the revolver's trigger.

"The police got the gun away from him somehow. I don't know how, 'cause it happened so fast," said Beeler.

Renn and a sergeant arrived on the scene, rushed in and when Beeler wasn't looking, grabbed the gun from his hands.

"They didn't just save his life, but the kids was younger and, you know, if it weren't for that police officer, my kids wouldn't even know their father," explained Beeler.

So in June 2003, Renn and his sergeant were commended for what they did.

"Ofc. Perry Renn and Sgt. Scott Baldwin, for your decisive action and valiant rescue in the face of great danger, you are awarded the IPD medal of bravery," said an announcer at the awards ceremony in 2003.

George Beeler Jr., now 13, was just two years old at the time.

"I think that the cop is a hero, because he saved my dad," he said.

Shandale was never able to thank Renn personally. Now, she'd like to thank his family.

"I just so appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart for what he done, because just don't know the outcome of them not having a father," said Beeler.

Beeler says her husband is doing fine today. When police saved him in 2003, he was suffering from depression. Shandale says that is not the case now. In fact, he's currently out of town doing what he loves - fishing.

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