Fallen IMPD officer's widow reflects on her loss

Lynn Sappenfield-Renn
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Volunteers folded T-shirts supporting IMPD's "I will always get out of my car" campaign on Wednesday so that they can get dropped in the mail. Among the dozen or so volunteers was Lynn Sappenfield-Renn, the widow of Officer Perry Renn.

The IMPD officer died in a shootout with a suspect after getting out of his car during a July 5th call.

Sappenfield-Renn opened up at the Wednesday event about her husband's loss.

"Police are out to help the community and to protect everyone and that's what I want people to know. It's a job that not everyone would do," she said Wednesday afternoon.

She finds comfort remembering the happy times that the two shared together.

"Perry was a very humble guy and didn't brag. He loved to remain anonymous in the things that he would do and give back," she said.

She has kept a low profile in the weeks following her husband's passing.

"We are both very private people. We are not on social media. I work with computers and do not want to spend my time away from work in front of a screen," Sappenfield-Renn said.

She goes onto say that her husband loved his job, but tried to maintain a work-personal life balance.

"He was very different as a police officer compared to his personal life. He kept to himself and he loved his dogs and me and he loved to bike and be outdoors," Sappenfield-Renn said.

She describes the support in the weeks that have followed as overwhelming.

Roughly 7,000 shirts have been sold to people in 43 states and four countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and France.

September 5, 2014 has been declared as a day of unity for everyone across the world to wear the shirt of support, and it's that support that has touched Lynn Sappenfield-Renn the most.

"It is very comforting and amazing that out of a tragedy it's going to bring help and awareness and [the attention] is nothing he would've asked for or wanted," she said.

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