Fall break activities

Make your own monster fact at the Children's Museum

For more families this year, fall break lasts two weeks. And if you're staying at home, that means finding more ways to entertain the family. But what if you could also avoid the crowds? Some "insider" advice will add to your enjoyment of some of the area's top attractions.

The Children's Museum is a very popular place this time of year because of it's Halloween attractions. Starting Saturday, the "Wicked Workshop" gets underway.

To avoid crowds, the best time to arrive during the week is 10:00 a.m.  Also, get your pass for the shows at the planetarium and theater as soon as you arrive, because they are in limited supply. And check the website before you go.  Remember, the Museum is closed on Monday.

If you want to take in the Indianapolis Zoo, you will find crowds smaller than in peak summer hours, and the animals are a bit livelier in the fall. You can also get a $2 discount off a general admission purchase.  That's new this year. 

At Conner Prairie, the traditional Headless Horseman rides again. Marsh offers discount tickets.

If you have memberships to any of these attractions, you'll save money. But there are also a lot of other free events around town.

But what about the teenagers? Your middle and high school age children may be a little tougher to entertain.

Zombies might get their attention. The Marion County Public Library is offering a program that will teach them how to draw a Zombie poster, and, it's free.  Art With a Heart is working with the library teaching them the art of the undead. 

"We're going to teach composition--text for imaging--how to make it pop for the wanted poster," said Scott Kruger of Art With a Heart. "It will be effective."

The library is hosting a list of free activities over the next two weeks that's 39 pages long, and it covers everything from zombies to friendly haunted houses to Legos. So if you are on a budget, this is the perfect solution.

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