Fair Finance investor responds to Durham indictment

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Cat Andersen/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Ohio residents who invested in Timothy Durham's company Fair Finance have been watching closely as the FBI case against Durham develops. Their views of Durham have only intensified as they learn more about the investigation. They may never get all their money back.

As soon as Eyewitness News heard Tim Durham was being indicted for defrauding thousands of investors out of about millions dollars, we called Larry Heidy in Akron, Ohio, who was one of those investors. He lost $100,000.

Read the indictment.

"I'm in association with a lot of people that want him dead," said Heidy.

The case involves about 5,000 investors and $230 million. The FBI raided Durham's offices in Akron and Indianapolis over a year ago.

In November 2010, Eyewitness News spoke with Durham about the case being built against him.

"I certainly don't think there's a crime and haven't thought there's a crime since day one," he said at the time.

Heidy's reaction then was to give Durham the benefit of the doubt.

"I really don't see him as a crook. I have to say that. I think he got caught up in a mess," said Heidy.

But now, knowing the charges Durham faces, Heidy says Durham's decisions to pull out loans to himself are becoming harder to justify. Durham has said he borrowed the money to invest in start-up businesses which ended up failing and that it was an honest mistake. Heidy is starting to think otherwise.

"Like the money he loaned to his family that he never expected them to pay it back, that tells me a little bit of a different story. When you're in business everything has value," said Heidy.

Heidy says he's positive justice will prevail.

"The way I look at this stuff is he may fool the people on this earth but someday he's going to have to stand up to a higher power and that's where he's really going to be punished," said Heidy.

It's unlikely that Heidy or the thousands of other investors Durham is accused of defrauding will ever see their money again.