Faberge egg exhibit an Easter highlight in Houston

Faberge egg exhibit an Easter highlight in Houston
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Eggs are a symbol of renewal, which is why they are part of Easter celebrations, but a collection of jewel-encrusted eggs on display in Houston is a symbol of extreme wealth.

A Houston couple has loaned its private collection of dozens of authentic Faberge items to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It includes an egg that a Russian czar presented to his wife in the late 1800s.

The head of the museum in Houston says there are only about 52 Faberge Imperial Easter eggs ever made and he's delighted to have one on display.

Faberge Easter eggs are known for their beauty and intricate workmanship, made of precious metals and stubbed with gemstones that create flowers, birds and other figurines.

The quest to purchase the rare Faberge eggs pitted wealthy American and Russian collectors against each other. About 11 of the treasures are on display in the Kremlin.

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