FAA furloughs kick in, but flights on time thus far

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The federal cutbacks that went into effect last month, could now affect you, if you fly.

Fears that furloughs of air traffic controllers by the Federal Aviation Administration would result in massive flight delays or cancellations are turning out to be unfounded, as the cutbacks from the sequester, kick in.

All employees of the Federal Aviation Administration are now required to one day of unpaid leave every ten days. That includes air traffic controllers.

Air travel in the U.S. Is like a huge line of dominos - knock one over and the rest will fall. So we're expecting a massive ripple affect that will be felt all across the country, including here in Indianapolis. With fewer air traffic controllers on duty, expect planes to sit longer before they're able to take off.

Information from the FAA and others shows that flying Sunday was largely uneventful, with most flights on time. There were delays in parts of Florida, but those were caused by thunderstorms. There were some non-weather delays at New York airports, but they couldn't be directly attributed to the furloughs.

Before you head for the airport, double-check your flight in case of delays.

Indianapolis had no delays early Monday, but at larger airports in Chicago and New York, the impact will be immediate with delays of one half hour or longer.  But delays could increase as the ripple effect continues to spread nationwide.

Government budget cuts are forcing the FAA to furlough controllers. The airline industry has predicted that those cuts would cause massive flight delays and cancellations.