Eyewitness to the Olympics: USA Hockey and Indiana's Nick Goepper

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The weather in Sochi, Russia continues to be mild with temperatures in the 50s, but it could change, as they prepare for rain and winds on Monday.

The weather should not affect the arrival of NHL players who are scheduled to arrive and start practicing right away. Ice time for Team USA is at nine o'clock Monday night.

The Women's hockey team is already on a roll for Team USA. They dominated Finland 3-1. Hockey fans are expecting a big match up between the U.S. and Canada, which is always a great rivalry game.

Anne Marie Tiernon and Dave Calabro caught up with Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz, who is an avid hockey fan. He says on men's side, it will be a battle from the beginning.

Kravitz says, "The great thing is anyone can win - Sweden, Finland, Canada, US, Russia. A number of teams can win. It will be the greatest hockey tournament in the world."

Hockey has a long tradition at the Winter Olympic games, compared to some extreme sports which are debuting this year. There is lots of local interest in slope style skiing, especially with Indiana native Nick Goepper.

Nick's family is in Sochi, and they are all soaking up the Olympic experience. We watched the medal ceremony where Hannah Kearney got her bronze medal, trying to visualize what it will be like in a couple of days if Nick is featured in the medal ceremony in Olympic Park.

Nick's parents say they are amazed to see how their number of followers has exploded. Linda Goepper, Nick's mother, says she's not nervous yet.. and Nick is just getting antsy.. ready to compete.

Linda says, "He's been off the snow. He's bored. He loves to ski, so I know he's getting really pumped to get back on with the competition."

Anne Marie Tiernon and Dave Calabro will have live reports from Sochi throughout the Winter Olympics on Channel 13. Also, look for their stories here at wthr.com.