Eyewitness News Special: 13 Investigates

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - 13 Investigates recaps stories that affect you and your family. Learn how to beat gas stations at their own game, why teachers are in short supply in Indiana schools, and how you can protect your home and car from key copying thieves.

  • Gas Price Secret - For years, Indiana gas prices have been on a rollercoaster for no apparent reason. Prices may jump 30 or 40 cents then slip down for a while before they leap back up. 13 Investigates tracked prices and got answers to explain the price spikes. Once you know the “why” you can save your family money every month.
  • Flora Fire Investigation - Four little girls died in a November 2016 house fire in Flora. This 13 Investigates report reveals a rift between two key agencies investigating the fire.
  • Crisis in the Classroom - As schools struggle to find enough teachers to fill your child’s classroom, 13 Investigates learned a large number of would-be educators are failing the state’s licensing exam, some of them multiple times. We examines the concerns and what it means for schools across the state.
  • Saving Derrian - An Indiana couple is trying to save their son from a rare disease, but their insurance company is blocking what they say is their only hope for treatment. Derrian Baker has a genetic disorder that means he never feels full and is always hungry. 13 Investigates shows you the struggle for patients like Derrian and his family.
  • Food Poisoning Death Investigation - A Tippecanoe County man died from food poisoning after eating at a local restaurant, but it took months for the public to learn about the problems at the restaurant. Local health officials tell 13 Investigates the case has shaken their confidence in state and federal agencies, triggering serious questions about their ability to protect the public during suspected cases of food poisoning.
  • Dehumidifer Recall - Thousands of Hoosiers have dehumidifiers that could catch fire. 13 Investigates shows you why it is important to check if you have one in your home.
  • Takata Airbags - As a massive airbag recall continues to get bigger, Eyewitness News has discovered millions – potentially tens of millions – of people now driving with a defective airbag will not be warned about the problem for years.
  • Copying Keys - 13 Investigates shows you just how easy it is to turn a photo of a key into an actual key.
  • Dangerous Exposure - 13 Investigates discovered Indiana's environmental watchdog agency allowed contamination to spread into neighborhoods at the same time it protected responsible companies from lawsuits. For decades, contaminated sites were allowed to sit untouched.