Extensive damage, injuries reported in Bloomington storm

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BLOOMINGTON - At least six people were injured in Bloomington after a storm overturned some mobile homes.

Leroy Moser and his family took cover in a neighbor's basement when they heard warning sirens going off. They left their mobile home just in time before the storm hit. When they emerged a few hours later, the roof on their trailer was gone and the trailer was torn off its foundation.

One doublewide trailer at the mobile home park was tipped over on its side with floor torn off the bottom. Another nearby was reduced to a pile of debris, with two kitchen chairs sitting upright in the middle of the rubble.

The family picked through what was left of their belongings, thankful to be alive.

"I'm glad we got in the basement when we did. If we would have been in here, we would have been died, cause that place looked like a bomb went off," said Moser.

"When the power line came down we couldn't get out so my husband pushed us into the closet and we just prayed and prayed," said Lisa Terrell, beginning to cry as she recounted the terrifying moments during the storm.

A few miles away, employees at Sam's Club checked for damage inside the store using flashlights after power was knocked out. Outside, tree limbs and other debris was scattered everywhere. Part of a canopy leading into the store had caved in, and two semi trailers were overturned in the parking lot.

The injuries from the trailer park were non-life-threatening, but several homes were destroyed.